Liberty HS

Learning Recommendations: B- or better in Spanish 4

Fees: A fee ($200, subject to change) will be assessed for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who want to earn college credit through Bellevue College.  College credit is optional.

General Description: Spanish 5 is a rigorous class that also provides the opportunity for students to earn Bellevue College credit. Spanish 5 strives to promote fluency and accuracy in the target language while exploring cultural awareness. Students will develop their skills in the three modes of interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communication; evolving into proficient and confident Spanish speakers. Students will study and research topics in-depth while developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills based on a variety of themes. They will connect to other subject areas and analyze history, language and current events of the Spanish-speaking world. Level 5 students will be taught exclusively in Spanish. Students are expected to retain and apply all skills and knowledge learned in previous levels of Spanish.



  • Talk about personal relationships: marital status, emotional states, personalities, relationships, feelings, etc.
  • Talk about the city: places, signs, directions, people, activities, etc.
  • Talk about media (cinema, television, press, etc.) and their influence on everyday life
  • Talk about family and cross-generational relationships
  • Talk about the environment: nature, animal world, ecology, natural phenomena, etc.
  • Moderate a formal discussion around these or other similar topics
  • Express actions or situations that are going on at the present time, general truths, habitual actions, and actions that will take place in the near future using the present tense
  • Describe inherent, expected qualities, temporary or variable qualities, and changes in appearance or condition using  the verbs ser and estar
  • Narrate past events and describe past actions and states using the preterite and the imperfect
  • Express will and exert influence using the subjunctive
  • Express doubt and denial using the subjunctive
  • Give advice using both formal and informal commands, and the subjunctive
  • Describe objects and people using relative clauses with indicative and subjunctive verb forms
  • Talk about the future
  • Express conjecture or probability using the future and the conditional
  • Talk about future and past hypothetical events and situations
  • Make polite requests
  • Write a personal letter or email
  • Write a complaint letter or email
  • Write a formal letter or email to be published in a local journal
  • Write a story in the past
  • Write a formal piece of advice


Spanish 5 is taught entirely in Spanish using a variety of different resources ranging from authentic literary fragments (novels, poems, etc.), short films, cultural video clips and readings, guided discussions, group activities, music and compositions. All activities are in Spanish. Much of the homework is done online and consists of activities designed to increase listening and grammar skills.