Fees: Unit Note Template - $TBD; Spring Field Trip - $TBD

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of SCI125 - Chemistry Laboratory Methods or SCI200 - Biology

General Description: This is a yearlong laboratory course which fulfills the science requirements for graduation and university entrance. This course is based upon field-based data collection and scientific, inquiry-based lab work so students must be able to operate within the steps of scientific process. This course fulfills one (1) college prep science requirement as outlined by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) as a lab-based Science course.


  • Foundations
  • Natural selection (heredity, adaptation, speciation)
  • Classification and taxonomy
  • Energy transfer- cellular (photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, respiration)
  • Ecological – biotic trophic level transfer
  • Global – abiotic resource cycling (carbon, nitrogen, water)
  • Biome and wetland classification (Western Washington)
  • Population dynamics
  • Human impact - Water quality, air quality, soil analysis
  • Field data collection (job/career skills)
  • Human health and the environment


  • Lecture
  • Field-based data collection
  • Inquiry-based laboratory work
  • Student-based research and presentation
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Computer-based modeling
  • Interdisciplinary applications (where appropriate)

Equipment to be provided by Student: composition notebook, appropriate field clothing