Fees: Students will be responsible for the cost of outfits and field trips; ASB card verification

Learning Recommendations: Ability to match pitches; ability to read text; no audition necessary. Course is for higher vocal ranges. Several evening performances are required during the year.

General Description: This course gives students singing experience and vocal training. Emphasis is placed on group rehearsal techniques, voice production, sight-singing, and interpretation of musical periods and styles. Performances will include concerts, contests, festivals, and community functions. Music selection will focus on the treble or higher vocal ranges.

Content: Music will be selected to highlight students' abilities and enhance learning as individual musicians, as well as a team. There will be required evening concerts approximately once a quarter. A few extra rehearsals, outside of class time, will be required as well.

Strategies: Daily vocal exercises will strengthen the students' voices and expand vocal ranges. Music rehearsals will develop abilities in part-singing, musicianship, and music reading. Solo work will be optional within this choir. Individual practice outside of class.

Equipment to be provided by Student: None