Note: This 7th period course is offered Spring semester only; meeting dates and times will be determined in January.

Learning Recommendations: Consider your learning goals. Consider your learning opportunities and challenges. Consider how well you work individually and in groups. Review the description and strategies below.

General Description: In this semester course, we will be embarking on a creative journey into the production and full realization of a musical. This course is dependent upon your being cast in the musical and/or your work on technical crew. If you are not cast, you will be expected to fill crew obligations and vice versa. This involves evening and occasional weekend commitments.



  • Line memorization
  • Song/music study, practice, and performance
  • Basic jazz and stage choreography and dance technique
  • Stylized stage combat
  • Rehearsal and performance process (from audition to strike)
  • Tech Week reflection and participation


  • Fundamentals of the production team
  • Lighting hang, focus, and programming
  • Costume pulling, altering, creating, and organization
  • Scenic construction and painting
  • Prop gathering, storage, and creation
  • Work party reflection and participation
  • Preparation and performance process
  • Tech Week reflection and participation

Equipment to be provided by Student:  None