Learning Recommendations: Students considering this course should be skilled at critically reading various text formats; critically thinking regarding responses; able to fluently write a five paragraph essay; able to share responses in a large and small group format; be willing to do independent research.

General Description: Honors World Studies/Civics is a year-long social studies class that integrates the study of the geography, politics, economics, society, history of the world and civics. Topics addressed are the broad patterns and terms that students will need to know and use and will focus on social, political, and economic changes and how those changes set the stage for global conflict. The course focuses on critical thinking, essay writing, note taking, research and other relevant skills. The Civics component of this course is designed to prepare students to fulfill their role as citizens in a globally connected democratic society.


  • Focus on historical, geographic, economic, and civic events and concepts in non-European regions and cultures.
  • Develop map and chart skills that will aid in understanding key issues of geography including literacy rates, population distribution, etc.
  • Compare and analyze how ideas in different times and places bring about continuity, conflict and change.
  • Analyze the impact of technology on cultures and on the future.
  • Analyze key civic principles (individual vs. collective rights, democratic principles, foreign policy, etc.)
  • Analyze how economic choices by one group impact the global community.


The approaches taken in this course should include but not be limited to collaborative and/or cooperative learning groups, inquiry based instruction, project based learning experiences, and direct instruction formats such as lectures.

Equipment to be provided by student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended