Zero hour and 7th period courses are intended to provide students with additional learning opportunities that are completely optional, extending beyond the regular school day.  Reasons why a 7th period might be a great fit:

  • To create space in your schedule to pursue other courses next year
  • To encourage a passion for an elective being offered
  • Credit recovery to work towards on-time graduation for 24 credits
  • Enjoyment of a class that doesn’t meet everyday
  • A desire for additional challenge and homework in your current schedule

Following are Zero hour and 7th period options for Skyline High School. Please read carefully as these classes will have different learning requirements, meeting times, and possible outside of class requirements (service hours, lab hours, flexibility, etc.). The courses are offered by Skyline High School so district policies including, but not limited to, attendance, discipline, grading, and those listed in the 2018-2019 Course Guide apply. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate counselor.

7ART01 - Musical Theatre Production
7INT02 - IB Personal and Professional Skills
7LDR01 - ASB/Leadership for Class Council
7MUS02 - IB Music HL Seminar OR 7MUS03 - IB Music SL Seminar
7PED04 - Cheer Leadership OR 7PED05 - Cheer Leadership PE
7PED07 - AM Fitness