Fee: IB Exam Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: "B-" or higher in both semesters of MTH661 - IB Math 1 HL. IB Diploma or IB Certificate candidates who desire to sit for the HL exam should have taken Pre-HL Math and IB Math 1 HL.

General Description: IB Math 2 HL is the final year that prepares students to take the IB Higher Level (HL) Math exam. This class covers all topics typically covered during the second and third quarters of college calculus. In addition, it also covers additional IB required topics. This course is designed for the student who may wish to focus on mathematics, engineering, or science after high school and is ready to learn concepts at a faster pace. All students in this course will be required to complete the IB internal assessment. IB dictates that students may not sit for HL exams until the spring of their senior year.


  • Integration by parts, trig substitution, method of partial fractions
  • Improper integral
  • Application of integration (average value, motion, work, liquid force, centroids)
  • Differential equations (linear, homogenous, and exact)
  • Infinite Series
  • Power Series and interval of convergence
  • Maclaurin and Taylor Series
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Complex numbers and De Moivre’s Theorem
  • Statistics (discrete random variable, binomial, Poisson, Continuous, and Normal Distributions

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of :

  • Teacher-directed instruction
  • Small group collaboration

 Equipment to be provided by Student: Graphing calculator; TI-Nspire (not CAS) is recommended