Fees: DC Motor Kit - $10; IB Exam Fee as appropriate; optional field trip incurs fee at end-of-year -  $TBA; Web assignment fee - $TBA

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of SCI670 - IB Physics 1 HL; concurrent enrollment in MTH350 - Pre-Calculus or higher

General Description: IB Physics 2 HL is a continuation of the topics of study begun in the first year of the IB Physics sequence and will prepare students for university-level physics courses. Students will be encouraged to take the IB HL exam. This course fulfills one (1) college prep science requirement, as outlined by the Higher Education Board of the State of Washington (HEC Board), as a lab-based or algebra-based science course.


  • Methods and applications of physical measurement and measurement uncertainties
  • Engineering physics - Thermodynamic and Fluid systems
  • Wave Phenomena – Doppler effect, wave interference, diffraction, and polarization
  • Quantum and nuclear physics – matter as waves, photoelectric effect, x-rays, mass spectrometry, radioactive decay
  • Electricity and magnetism – electrostatic potential, electromagnetic induction, alternating current
  • Energy Production


  • Lecture
  • Laboratory work
  • Inquiry and critical thinking exercises
  • Computer simulations and labs
  • Teacher-led and/or student-led demonstrations
  • Student project and research
  • Interdisciplinary applications
  • Web-based homework assignments

Equipment to be provided by Student: Scientific calculator (TI-83+, TI-84, or TI-Nspire); two composition books; USB memory stick (thumb drive)