Fees: IB Exam Fee as appropriate

Learning Requirements: Students need to be enrolled in either an ensemble class (choir, orchestra or band) OR have taken OR have taken or are currently enrolled in MUS551 - Songwriting & Sequencing and MUS666 - IB Music Composition & Creation classes. Students will need proficiency on an instrument or voice in order to complete the solo recital component per the IB diploma requirements for HL Music. Students may also be enrolled through teacher recommendation. In addition to the daily music performance or composition class, students will attend the Tuesday after school 2-hour seminars, September through May. For HL students, this will be a two-year seminar commitment.

General Description: This two-year long course is for students who desire to complete an IB Certificate or use IB Music as a Higher Level elective course for their IB diploma. Students will commit to two years of the weekly afternoon seminar sessions to learn the curriculum and rubrics of IB Music. The after school seminar will focus on aspects of music history, theory, and music analysis.

The additional requirements of IB Music HL are:

  • Students will submit solo recital recording on their specialty instruments or voice.
  • Students will complete and submit three (3) music composition or creations.


  • COMPOSING: The creation of musical works through the manipulation of musical elements
  • ARRANGING: The process of drawing on music that is already in existence and manipulating it
  • IMPROVISING: Spontaneous musical expression in response to a musical or non-musical stimulus
  • STYLISTIC TECHNIQUES: The study of the compositional styles of others
  • ANALYSIS: The study of music from cultures of the world as well as Western Arts music

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: research based papers and multi-media presentations; music listening and analysis; direct instruction, music ensemble performance/evaluations; solo instrument/voice studies, and recordings.

Students will develop creative skills through the exploration, control, and use of musical elements. Students will use their knowledge of these elements of music to complete a music creation portfolio.

Students’ grades will be determined by the independent score given to their portfolio by the International Baccalaureate Foundation assessors or as determined by the instructor.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Headphones (ear buds); USB drive; individual musical instrument