NOTE: IB World Language (Language B) is designed as a language acquisition course. The IBO states that the “…Language B course should be a challenging educational experience for the student, offering not only the opportunity to learn an additional language, but also the means of learning, appreciating, and effectively interacting in a culture different from the student’s own.”

Fees:  Purchase of 1 to 2 novels (approximately $25 to $35); IB Exam Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Students should have strong study skills and expect to commit to an average of 30 minutes of homework per night. In addition, students must have a strong grasp of all simple and complex tense, including an advanced understanding of the grammar and sentence structure as well as proper register. Certificate or Diploma candidates who wish to sit for the HL exam must have taken the FOR660 - IB Japanese SL course.

General Description: IB Japanese HL is a yearlong class for advanced students who want to continue learning about Japanese grammar and Japanese culture at an advanced level. Students will build on listening and reading skills and will continue their study of detailed, advanced Japanese grammar. Students are expected to be able to work independently and take full responsibility for their learning. In IB Japanese HL, students and teachers will be communicating exclusively in Japanese.


  • Communication and media
  • Global questions
  • Social relationships
  • Customs and traditions
  • Cultural diversity
  • Past times
  • Health
  • Science and Technology

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Communicative activities
  • Listening activities
  • Writing and presentation of dialogues, speeches, presentations, and in-class essays
  • Variety of cultural readings in the target language
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • A variety of assessments, written and oral
  • Some independent projects and/or presentations

Equipment to be provided by Student: Purchase of 1 to 2 novels (approximately $25 to $35). If there is a concern about the fee, please see your counselor.