mathMathematics is a field that is growing at a rapid rate, spreading into new fields, creating new applications, and becoming increasingly crucial to each of our lives. To be prepared to understand and use mathematics, all students are encouraged to learn as much mathematics as possible. Students are required to take three years of high school math while in high school for graduation, and most universities recommend four years of mathematics.


SHS 2018-2019 Math

Dashed lines indicate support classes that may be taken concurrently with core classes. This flowchart is a compilation of courses from all the high schools. Please note that not all schools offer all courses.

Other Options:

MTH100 - Common Core Algebra 1
MTH200 - Common Core Geometry
MTH300 - Common Core Algebra 2
MTH301 - Common Core Algebra 2 Lab
MTH305 - Personal Finance
MTH325 - Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
MTH350 - Pre-Calculus
MTH360 - Statistics
MTH400 - Calculus
MTH401 - Calculus 2
MTH402 - Pre-HL Math
MTH655 - IB Math 1 SL
MTH656 - IB Math 2 SL
MTH661 - IB Math 1 HL
MTH662 - IB Math 2 HL
YRR220 - Practical Math 2
YRR230 - Practical Math 3
YRR240/YRR241 - Introduction to Algebra
YRR253 - Algebra 1A
YRR254 - Algebra 1B
YRR255 - Financial Math