Fees: $15 for note templates; IB Exam Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Completion of SCI200 - Biology with a grade of "B" or better is highly encouraged. Proficient in the use of computer software for word processing and spreadsheets. Scheduling preference will be given to juniors planning to complete the two-year IB Biology course sequence.

General Description: This fast-paced biology course will allow students to expand their knowledge of biology by building upon topics covered in general biology. This course will prepare students for university-level biology courses, and it will also prepare students for the IB Biology Higher Level exam, which is taken at the end of the second year. This course fulfills one (1) college prep science requirement as outlined by the Higher Education Board of the State of Washington (HEC Board), as a lab-based science course.


  • Cellular biology
  • Classical genetics
  • Molecular genetics and biotechnology
  • Diversity and classification of life
  • Scientific process and inquiry
  • Biochemistry
  • Evolution
  • Interdisciplinary cooperative learning (Group IV Project)


  • Lecture/discussion
  • Laboratory work
  • Inquiry and critical thinking exercises
  • Computer simulations
  • Teacher-led and student-led demonstrations
  • Student project and research
  • Model Building
  • Cooperative learning

Equipment to be provided by Student: Composition book, 3-inch binder, scientific function calculator (TI-83+, TI-84 or TI-Nspire)