Learning Recommendations: Designed for students who have completed MTH100 - CC Algebra 1 and MTH200 - CC Geometry. This course can serve as the third credit of math for students who elect to take a CTE alternative for the third year requirement through a counselor-supported approval process. This course is also appropriate for students who have completed Algebra 2 and want to take a course specifically focusing on the mathematics of personal finance.

General Description: This course is designed to build upon prior knowledge of math concepts from other courses. This algebra-based CTE course features real-world algebra concepts found in banking, credit, income taxes, insurance, and household budgeting. Step-by-step strategies will help students learn the time value of money, how to evaluate the best cell phone contract, and how to build a business plan by knowing costs, profits, and break even points.


Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

Equipment to be provided by Student: Scientific calculator