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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of highly motivated students. Offered during the last two years of high school, its curriculum is designed to allow graduates to fulfill requirements of various national systems of education. The Programme places strong emphasis on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship. Students have three options within the programme: IB Course, IB Career, or IB Diploma. All Skyline students are encouraged to enroll in IB classes.

IB Course students choose to take the courses and IB exams in those areas where they feel most comfortable about their chances of passing. Partial involvement in IB is good preparation for the rigors of college work and students are encouraged to participate in these classes to the degree they are able while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Colleges typically treat these courses and exams the same as Advanced Placement tests for the granting of credit and/or advanced standing.

IB Career students take two to four IB classes and exams, plus meet a number of other programmatic requirements that allow students to link their academic studies to a defined career pathway and study of that pathway.

IB Diploma students are required to successfully complete coursework and exams in six (6) areas of academic study, plus complete other programmatic requirements (CAS, EE, and TOK).

The International Baccalaureate Programme is available at Skyline. For more information, please visit our IB website.

Learn more:

8MUS03 - IB Music SL Seminar
ART650 - IB Visual Arts SL
ART651 - IB Film SL
ART652 - IB Visual Arts HL
ART670 - IB Theatre Arts SL
ART671 - IB Theatre Arts HL
BUS651 - IB Business Management SL
BUS652 - IB Business Management HL
COM650 - IB Computer Science SL
COM651 - IB Computer Science HL
ENG652 - IB English: Language and Literature HL 1
ENG661 - IB English: Language and Literature HL 2
FOR650 - IB French SL
FOR655 - IB French HL
FOR660 - IB Japanese SL
FOR670 - IB Spanish SL
FOR671 - IB Spanish HL
FOR674 - IB Mandarin Chinese SL
FOR675 - IB Mandarin Chinese HL
INT650 - IB Personal and Professional Skills
MTH649 - IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 1
MTH650 - IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 2
MTH664 - IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 1
MTH665 - IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 2
MUS666 - IB Music - Composition and Creation
SCI650 - IB Biology HL 1
SCI655 - IB Biology HL 2
SCI660 - IB Chemistry SL
SCI670 - IB Physics HL 1
SCI675 - IB Physics HL 2
SCI680 - IB Environmental Systems & Society SL
SCI682 - IB Exercise Science SL
SST650 - IB History of the Americas HL 1
SST655 - IB History HL 2
SST661 - IB World Religions SL
SST662 - IB Theory of Knowledge 1
SST663 - IB Theory of Knowledge 2
SST670 - IB Psychology SL
SST672 - IB Economics SL