Fees: $15 lab fee; IB Exam Fee as appropriate; optional field trip incurs fee at end-of-year -  $TBA; Web assignment fee - $TBA

Learning Recommendations: Students must have taken the first year of this course, SCI670 - IB Physics HL 1, to be eligible to sit for the IB exam for this course; concurrent enrollment in MTH350 - Pre-Calculus or higher

General Description: This course is the second of a two year progression that prepares students for sitting for the Higher Level exam in May and also prepares students for university-level physics courses. This course fulfills one (1) college prep science requirement, as outlined by the Higher Education Board of the State of Washington (HEC Board), as a lab-based or algebra-based science course.


  • Methods and applications of physical measurement and measurement uncertainties
  • Engineering physics - Mechanical and Fluid systems
  • Wave Phenomena – Doppler effect, wave interference, diffraction, and polarization
  • Quantum and nuclear physics – matter as waves, photoelectric effect, x-rays, mass spectrometry, radioactive decay
  • Electricity and magnetism – electrostatic potential, electromagnetic induction, alternating current
  • Energy Production


  • Lecture
  • Laboratory work
  • Inquiry and critical thinking exercises
  • Computer simulations and labs
  • Teacher-led and/or student-led demonstrations
  • Student project and research
  • Interdisciplinary applications
  • Web-based homework assignments

Equipment to be provided by Student: Scientific calculator (graphing OK, not required); 1.5” or 2” 3-ring binder with 5 section dividers