Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the educational process. Through a carefully planned instructional program, student will gain a variety of competencies and knowledge, which will contribute to their health and physical well-being. Please see the Graduation Requirements in the front of this guide for PE requirements. Note that courses may be taken more than once and still earn credit each time (however the learning and class activities will be very similar). In every PE class, students will be participating in various cardiovascular activities culminating in a 5km run at the end of the semester.


Skyline Physical Education Options by Grade Level

PE Credit Options for ISD Students

PED100 - Freshman PE
PED203 - Spartan PE 10-12
PED335 - Hatha Yoga
PED404 - Fitness & Lifetime Activities for Women
PED408 - CrossFitness
PED425 - Weight Training & Conditioning
PED436 - Weight Training for Women
WTR202/WTR203 - Special Ed Peer Tutor with PE Credit