Fees: $40

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of ART117 - Sculpture 1

General Description: This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Sculpture 1 and have attained the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an intermediate/advanced sculpture class. Students will create various 3-dimensional sculptures using a variety of materials.

Content: Sculpture 2 students will build on what they learned in Sculpture 1 by revisiting the basics and learning more complex techniques. Students will have more complex concept based projects and more options for material use. Students will problem solve, critique, design, and produce artwork in a variety of media, including paper, wire, plaster, foam, clay, wheel throwing, and others.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Hands-on projects
  • Direct instruction and demonstrations
  • Skill and media development
  • Peer and Teacher feedback
  • Individual and group research
  • Written reflections

Equipment to be provided by Student: pencil, notebook or sketchbook, gloves if needed