Fees: $30 class fee; ASB card verification; students will be responsible for the cost of proper concert attire, renting of instruments, if applicable ($150/year rental for school cellos and basses and $50/year for percussion), and field trips

Learning Recommendations: Membership in the Evergreen Philharmonic is by audition only. Please see website for audition details:  

General Description: This class serves as a yearlong elective course for the accomplished musician. Individual instruction will be minimal, with the emphasis on rehearsal technique and preparation for performance. The orchestra enjoys a superior reputation and has a busy schedule of concerts and competitions. Members are expected to be fully committed to all orchestra activities. Selection will be based on musical ability, instrumentation needs, and the dedication of the student.

Content: The repertoire for the orchestra is selected from the standard professional symphonic repertoire. The repertoire will be specific to each performance event. 

Strategies: Most student learning will take place during orchestra rehearsals, but it may also occur as a result of participation in sectional rehearsals, chamber music, and private practice.

Homework: Private practice is recommended to be about an hour per night. Part of this practice time will be on music assigned by the student's private instructor.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Instrument and performance attire. Celli and basses will be provided for school use with the payment of a rental fee.