Fees: Students will be responsible for the cost of outfits and field trips; ASB card verification; $100 field trip fee.

Learning Recommendations: Advanced audition and participation in MU305A/B - Concert Chorale. This course requires commitment to a busy performance schedule.

General Description: Vocal Jazz Ensemble is a yearlong class for the musically advanced student who wishes instruction in jazz singing and in the art of madrigal singing. Students learn the different genres/styles of jazz (such as blues, swing, ballads, and Latin). Madrigal and chamber music will be studied at certain points during the year. Instrumentalists (piano, bass, guitar, and drums) are also admitted with approval from the director. Performances include concerts, festivals, contests, assemblies, and community functions. All rehearsals and performances are mandatory. Costs of outfits and field trips are student’s responsibility. Members are expected to be fully committed to all choir activities. Travel has included trips to California, New Orleans, Nashville, and New York, as well as participation in local and regional jazz festivals such as Lionel Hampton, Commencement Bay, Bellevue College, and Frank DiMiero.

Content: Students will study many jazz styles, including blues, swing, Latin, and ballads. Students also maintain an active status in Concert Chorale, primarily rehearsing with that group during lunches and after school. Madrigal, classical, and folk music is included in the Concert Chorale set of music. This group maintains a busy schedule of performances throughout the school year.

Strategies: Jazz styling, improvisation, and close harmonies are learned through sectional practice, large group practice and individual rehearsal. Listening to jazz assists in learning to perform the variety of genres. Recordings of group rehearsals and performances form an audio portfolio for assessment. Individual practice required, with recorded assessment by individual singers.

Equipment to be provided by Student: None