Learning Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that students considering this course have at least a "B+" in their current English class.

General Description: This English 10 course is designed for students seeking further challenges, who are willing to read additional and more complex literature, and are willing to undertake complex and extensive writing assignments. Students will be expected to work independently. Summer assignments may be required.

Content: Skills-based according to Washington State Learning Standards for English Language Arts. The skills include, but are not limited to: reading comprehension; informational and complex narrative reading; analysis of story elements; use and understanding and literary devices; analysis of informational and expository text; making predictions and inferences and understanding for text organizational structures. Further writing skills include: analysis and selection strategies for planning writing; use of multiple drafts and editing; collaboration and group evaluation; writing to varied audiences, voices, forms and genres; and the use of organizational structures.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: 

  • Large and small group discussion
  • Peer evaluation
  • Independently directed reading and analysis
  • Multiple draft writing
  • Direct instruction, including lecture and note-taking

Equipment to be provided by Student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended