Resource students are assigned to classes on the basis of their own choices and with recommendations of Resource teachers and parents. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) sets forth a plan of goals and objectives, which specifies accommodations and services necessary to meet the students’ needs.

Learning Recommendations: Students enrolled in this course must have an IEP with a qualification in the area of Math. This course may also be open to all IEP students who have obtained the necessary general education math requirements, but would like to take this course as an additional mathematics credit or non-departmental elective (subject to the approval of IEP case manager).

General Description: This is a comprehensive review and study of arithmetic skills that apply to both personal and vocational business opportunities. Topics include whole numbers, fractions, percentages, basic statistics, and graphs. Practical applications in finance, taxes, budgeting, banking and home ownership are provided.

Content: Students will be assessed through classroom participation, projects, homework assignments, and test/quizzes.

Strategies: This course will be taught by an LRC I teacher and can be modified to meet the needs of all of the students enrolled.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Calculator