Learning Recommendations: Students need to have an interest in the world of mythology and legend. They need to be prepared to complete regular reading assignments in order to participate in analytical discussions.

General Description: This course explores the Classical mythology and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome. The course focuses on the establishment and importance of archetypes from these once religious beliefs turned myths, as well as legends turned literature. The course covers much of the foundational literature that will be required in college English. The course has a comparative focus, analyzing how the archetypes and themes of the Classical period helped shape later historical literature such as Norse Mythology and British Arthurian Legend, as well as its influence on popular contemporary literature and film, such as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Rowling’s Harry Potter, and Lucas' Star Wars series.

Content: This class explores different methods of literary and film analysis. Students must analyze primary translated works and adapted readings. Writing focus is on literary analysis and comparative study.


  • Discourse
  • Lecture
  • Film
  • Independent study
  • Cooperative learning projects

Equipment to be provided by Student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended