IB Music SL Course Code Options:

Fees: Students will be responsible for the cost of outfits and field trips for their particular ensembles. IB Exam fee will apply as appropriate.

Learning Requirements: Students need to be enrolled in either an ensemble class (choir, orchestra, or band); OR have taken OR be currently enrolled in the Songwriting & Sequencing or the IB Music Composition & Creation classes. In addition to attending their daily music classes, students will attend the Tuesday after school, two hour seminars, September through May

General Description: These courses are for students who desire to complete an IB certificate or use IB Music as their elective course for their IB Diploma. Students will commit to year-long, weekly afternoon seminar sessions to learn the curriculum and rubrics of IB Music. The music seminar will focus on aspects of music history, theory, and analysis. Students must also be members of a yearlong, music performance ensemble or be registered for Songwriting and Sequencing or IB Composition and Creation classes.

Content: The history of music throughout the world.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Research-based papers
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Music listening and analysis
  • Direct instruction
  • Music ensemble performance/evaluation
  • Creating recording and/or composition portfolios

Equipment to be provided by Student: Headphones (Ear Buds), USB Drive, individual musical instrument

Note: If you wish to take IB Music, you must be enrolled in one of the above courses and this afterschool music seminar.