Learning Recommendations: "B" or higher in both semesters for MT300A/B - Common Core Algebra 2

General Description: IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL 1 (IB Math SL 1) is the first of two consecutive years of math that prepares students to sit for the IB SL Math exam in May of the second year. This two-year course meets the needs of students interested in Math, but not headed into a STEM major. Students showing mastery of the 2-course series content will be prepared to enter college-level calculus.



Students will learn through a combination of:

Equipment to be provided by Student: Graphing calculator (a TI-brand graphing calculator is recommended)

NOTE: In order to sit for the IB Math SL exam, students must take both Math Analysis and Approaches SL 1 and MT665A/B - IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 2.