IB Course Offerings - Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL)

Courses offered only at HL 
Courses offered at both HL and SL 
Courses offered only at SL 

Language Arts









Computer Science

Environmental Systems & Society
Exercise Science

Social Studies


Business and Management

Economics                Psychology
World Religions

World Languages


Mandarin Chinese


Optional Classes


Theatre Arts
Visual Arts



For information regarding the recognition policies of North American colleges and universities and those that grant credit and/or advanced standing for IB Diplomas and Certificates, search "International Baccalaureate recognition policy" on college websites. Some colleges may award credit for IB Diploma recipients and many award credit for individual Higher Level (and sometimes Standard Level) exams with scores of 4 or above.

8MUS03/05 - IB Music SL Seminar
AR650A/B - IB Visual Arts SL
AR651A/B - IB Film SL
AR652A/B - IB Visual Arts HL
ART670/672 - IB Theatre Arts SL
ART671/673 - IB Theatre Arts HL
BU651A/B - IB Business Management SL
BU652A/B - IB Business Management HL
CO650A/B - IB Computer Science SL
CO651A/B - IB Computer Science HL
EN652A/B - IB English: Language and Literature HL 1
EN661A/B - IB English: Language and Literature HL 2
FO650A/B - IB French SL
FO655A/B - IB French HL
FO660A/B - IB Japanese SL
FO661A/B - IB Japanese HL
FO670A/B - IB Spanish SL
FO671A/B - IB Spanish HL
FO674A/B - IB Mandarin Chinese SL
FO675A/B - IB Mandarin Chinese HL
INT650 - IB Personal and Professional Skills
MT649A/B - IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 1
MT650A/B - IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL 2
MT664A/B - IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 1
MT665A/B - IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 2
MUS666 - IB Music - Composition and Creation
SC650A/B - IB Biology HL 1
SC655A/B - IB Biology HL 2
SC660A/B - IB Chemistry SL
SC670A/B - IB Physics HL 1
SC675A/B - IB Physics HL 2
SC680A/B - IB Environmental Systems & Society SL
SC682A/B - IB Exercise Science SL
SS650A/B - IB History of the Americas HL 1
SS655A/B - IB History HL 2
SS661A/B - IB World Religions SL
SS662A/B - IB Theory of Knowledge 1
SS663A/B - IB Theory of Knowledge 2
SS670A/B - IB Psychology SL
SS672A/B - IB Economics SL