Fees: $3 course fee

Learning Recommendations: No required prerequisites, but PED404 – Fitness and Lifetime Activities for Women or PED203 - Spartan PE 10-12 are recommended.

General Description: This course is available to students who wish to develop muscular tone and strength.

Content: Students learn to use Olympic lifts, exercise with free weights, and Plyometrics exercises throughout the course. Students will learn proper lifting and spotting techniques. A basic kinesthetic and physiological understanding of the muscular system will also be covered. Students will also participate in various cardiovascular activities culminating in a 5km run at the end of the semester.

Strategies: Students will develop individualized weight training plans based on their personal fitness goals. Health and cardiovascular activities will be included.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Skyline Physical Education T-Shirt - $8 for cotton, $10 for performance. If there is a concern about the cost, please see your counselor.