Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: Current enrollment in MT100A/B - Common Core Algebra 1

General Description: CC Algebra 1 Lab provides a support structure for struggling students to achieve success in a CC Algebra 1 course. It will strive to accomplish this by providing further explanation, extra practice and review of previously learned concepts, as well as previews of upcoming material.  Students must be concurrently enrolled in a CC Algebra 1 course.

Content: This course follows the concepts of Common Core Algebra 1.


Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Direct instruction
  • Large group investigations and small group work
  • Extended instruction
  • Review of previously taught concepts and skills
  • Practice

Equipment to be provided by Student: Scientific calculator. If you need to purchase one, the TI-30XIIS is recommended. A graphing calculator is NOT required until Common Core Algebra 2 and above.