Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: No prior knowledge required

General Description: This is a yearlong course that provides an introduction to the overview of Chinese culture and simplified Chinese through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course introduces the Chinese pronunciation system (Pinyin), writing system, basic grammar structure, and aspects of culture. Through the development of receptive, productive, and interactive skills, students acquire the ability to respond and interact appropriately in a defined range of everyday situations. At the end of the course, students will be able to give general information about themselves, families and friends, daily life, and the immediate environment.


  • Communication
  • Cultures
  • Comparisons
  • Connections
  • Communities


  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Listening activities
  • Writing and presentation of dialogues
  • Cultural readings in the target language
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • A variety of assessments, written and oral

Equipment to be provided by student: Composition notebook and Chinese/English dictionary or electronic dictionary


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