Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of FO430A/B - Japanese 3 or teacher approval

General Description: This yearlong course emphasizes strong academic preparation for colleges and universities. Detailed grammatical structures, advanced listening comprehension activities, reading authentic literature, and ongoing immersion in target language combine to develop and expand the student's broad language abilities and global awareness. This intensive course is for the highly motivated who possess excellent skills in Japanese. Students and instructor will speak completely in Japanese. Homework and attendance are very important. Summer homework may be assigned and required for students to take the course.


  • Grammar and verb tenses equivalent to a 200/300 level college course
  • Developing oral and listening skills through authentic materials
  • Building writing skills through informal and formal essays
  • Poems, free-writes, dialogues, etc.
  • Additional 100-150 more kanji


  • Writing in various forms
  • Review of other student's work
  • Listening exercises
  • Reading authentic material
  • Speaking in various situations
  • Essays and discourses

Equipment to be provided by Student: None