Skyline 3

Fees: IB Exam Fee as appropriate. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.

Learning Recommendations: Students who wish to sit for the HL exam must have taken CO650A/B - IB Computer Science SL in addition to this course. Students must have an understanding of MT300A/B - Common Core Algebra 2 level Math.

General Description: The IB Computer Science SL course focuses on software development, fundamentals of computer systems, and the relationship between computing systems and society. The Higher-Level (HL) course extends learning begun in IB Computer Science SL and encompasses all of these elements; but is extended to include an advanced/investigative case study, computer mathematics and logic, advanced data structures and algorithms, further system fundamentals, and file organization. This course prepares students for taking the Higher-Level exam in May.


  • Core: System fundamentals, design and maintenance; computer organization and components; networks, networking technologies, and infrastructures; computational thinking, problem-solving and programming; abstract data structures and processing operations; resource management; computer/processor controlled systems; Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Investigative Case Study: A case study scenario is provided at the beginning of the year and students investigate the scenario in-depth in preparation for the assessment.


  • Independent work - small and large group collaboration
  • Use of available computer technology
  • Project-based inquiry and investigation

Equipment to be provided by Student: None

Note: IB Computer Science HL counts as a science towards the IB Diploma, but does not count as a lab science credit for college admissions.