Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: Open to anyone in grades 9-12, but PED100 - Freshman PE or PED203 - Spartan PE 10-12 are recommended.

General Description: CrossFitness gives students an opportunity to improve their individual fitness level through a unique training regimen that involves short, intense workouts that produce amazing results. The goal of this class is to become stronger, faster, and better with every single workout. Open to students of ALL fitness levels. No previous weight training experience required, just a desire to work hard and push your own limits. This course will be challenging, but fun; hard, but rewarding. The workouts combine function, variety and intensity to achieve optimum fitness.

Content: Students will mostly spend their time doing circuit training activities but also have some time to engage in team or individual sports. Students will also participate in various cardiovascular activities throughout the semester.

Strategies: Students will obtain knowledge from this class to develop individual fitness plans and design their own workouts. Students will also develop their skills associated with the class.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Students have the option to either purchase a Skyline Physical Education T-Shirt ($8 for cotton, $10 for performance) from the school or provide their own athletic clothing in the same size, shape, and form as what is offered for purchase. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.