Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: Entry level PE class for 9th grade students

General Description: The freshman core Physical education course provides opportunities for students to develop and improve skills to participate successfully and learn sportsmanship in a variety of lifelong physical fitness activities.

Content: Units may include tennis, flag football, Gaelic football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, soccer, and/or other activities. Students will also participate in various cardiovascular activities throughout the semester.

Strategies: Students will assume roles not only of players, but coaches, captains, referees and record keepers. Students will learn skills that will create life-long healthy learning.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Students have the option to either purchase a Skyline Physical Education T-Shirt ($8 for cotton, $10 for performance) from the school or provide their own athletic clothing in the same size, shape, and form as what is offered for purchase. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.