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ib iconThe International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is a high school diploma program with worldwide recognition and is only offered at Skyline High School. It is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of highly motivated students. By emphasizing the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and critical thinking, IB promotes academic achievement along with the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.

The IB curriculum is divided into Higher Level courses (2 years of study) and Standard Level (1 to 2 years of study), and sometimes includes other independent activities. Offered during the last two years of high school, the program is designed to allow graduates to fulfill requirements of various national systems of education.  

All Skyline students are encouraged to enroll in IB classes. Students at Skyline choose to take the courses and IB exams in those areas where they feel most comfortable or interested. Partial involvement in IB is good preparation for the rigors of college work and students are encouraged to participate in these classes to the degree they are able while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Students taking IB courses may choose to sit for the corresponding IB exams and pay the associated fee. Fees are paid in the fall during exam registration. Depending on their scores, students may receive credit, advanced placement, or both from colleges and universities. Colleges typically treat these courses and exams the same as Advanced Placement tests for the granting of credit and/or advanced standing. 

Students have three options within the programme: IB Courses, IB Career, or IB Diploma.

IB Diploma Program (IBDP) - Students choosing the IB Diploma track, must take IB classes in 6 academic areas and pass examinations and assessments in 3 to 4 Higher Level and 2 to 3 Standard Level subjects (6 total),plus complete other programmatic requirements (CAS, EE, and TOK). Students wishing to pursue the IB Diploma complete a diploma plan and sign an IB contract in March of their sophomore year prior to registering for classes. 

Under RCW 28A.230.122 students who complete all IB requirements, pass all IB classes, and sit as a registered taker for all exams in the IB Diploma are considered to have satisfied District graduation requirements, with the exception of Northwest Studies, US History, and meeting standards on all mandated state assessments. Failure to meet the standards above as required by law will result in the nullification of any waivers and will require the student to complete all Issaquah School District graduation requirements.

IB Career-related Program (IBCP) - The IBCP combines highly regarded and internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme courses with an approved career-related study and a unique IBCP core. Students choosing the IB Career track must take 2-4 IB classes and exams in a combination of HL and SL levels, plus meet a number of other programmatic requirements that allow students to link their academic studies to a defined career pathway and study of that pathway. Students choosing this track must meet with the IB Career Coordinator just prior to the Course Request Process in March of their sophomore year before registering for classes. Click here to see current IBCP Pathway options.

IB Course Certificates - Certificates are awarded for each Higher Level and Standard Level exam passed (awarded by IB). Students who receive sufficiently high scores are eligible for college credit. Students must register for the IB exam to be eligible. 

IB Class only - students do all class work, but do not take the IB exam. IB courses are listed on the student’s SHS transcript but there is no eligibility for college credit.

For more information, please visit Skyline's IB website.

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