Skyline 3

A Maximum of 4 World Language credits may be awarded through OSPI’s Competency Based Credit testing process.  More information is available at

In order to earn credits, students will demonstrate proficiency on a specific assessment, depending upon the language.  These assessments are aligned with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Proficiency Guidelines. For Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, students may take the Standards–based Measurements of Proficiency (STAMP) test.  Most other languages may be assessed using the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPIc) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). Students must demonstrate proficiency across skills and credits will be awarded based on the lowest common level of proficiency demonstrated across skill areas in accordance with the guidelines outlined in Regulation 2409P. All assessments must be administered at student's High School, tests cannot be taken outside for credit.