Skyline 3

Learning Recommendations: Basic level of physical fitness. Have the ability to hike at a brisk pace uphill.

General Description: Walking is the #1 fitness activity of American adults. If that statement interests you, then Hiking Fitness is the class for you. This class uses urban hiking to teach you everything you need to know adopt a fitness walking lifestyle into your life.

Content: Students will participate in multiple walking activities each week and train for the Spartan 5K at the end of the semester. In addition to walking 10-12 miles per week, students will learn proper fitness walking form, exercises and stretches designed to improve walking fitness and form, and use technology to set personal fitness goals.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of fitness walking and learning. Our walks will use sidewalks while visiting local neighborhoods and parks.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Quality walking shoes. Students have the option to either purchase a Skyline Physical Education T-Shirt ($8 for cotton, $10 for performance) from the school or provide their own athletic clothing in the same size, shape, and form as what is offered for purchase. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.