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Through integration of history, literature, language, and culture, our department strives to develop analytical and informed students who seek to understand and civically participate in the world around them.

9th Grade

Humanities Options

BLOCK classes combine Social Studies and English into a two-period course that is team taught by English and Social Studies teachers. These courses integrate both content and skills development. Some assignments, projects and papers are integrated allowing for both courses to be assessed in a single assignment. For more information about BLOCK classes, click on the course descriptions.

INDIVIDUAL classes are single-period Social Studies and English classes taught separately by English and Social Studies teachers. These courses follow parallel scope and sequences that foster contextual connections but do not include direct integration. Students should be prepared for separate papers and projects in each course. For more information about INDIVIDUAL classes, click on the course descriptions.

9th Grade Core Classes


EN100A/B - Literary Analysis & Composition 1

Social Studies (INDIVIDUAL)

SST115/116 - World History 1 & 2

English & Social Studies (BLOCK)

EN101A/B - Literary Analysis & Composition 1 (BlockAND

SST110/117- World History 1 & 2 (Block)

Honors English & Social Studies (BLOCK)

EN110A/B - Honors Literary Analysis & Composition 1 AND

SST120/121 - Honors World History 1 & 2

9th Grade Humanities Electives

Can be taken in addition to core classes for elective credit.


ENG311 - Linguistics

EN350A/B - Journalism 

ENG450 - Creative Writing

ENG405 - Film as Literature

Social Studies

SST529 - Intro to Psychology