Skyline 3

Fees: $5. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.

Learning Recommendations:

General Description: Forensics is the application of science to solving crimes and this lab-based course explores the scientific side of forensics. This is a rich, cross-disciplinary class that utilizes the scientific method and knowledge from diverse fields such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Students will collect and analyze evidence from crime-scenes, all the while learning about and practicing different scientific techniques to try and best determine what happened there. In this course, you will study a number of sub-fields within forensics in order to examine the wide variety of crimes a forensic scientist may encounter. This is a class that will cover mature themes such as murder, death and assault. As such, the course will require the student to examine images and scenarios that could be considered graphic. Please keep in mind the mature nature of the course when signing up.

This course fulfills college prep requirements as outlined by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) as a lab-based science course.


  • Memory and eyewitness testimony
  • Types of evidence
  • Steps of crime scene investigation
  • Drugs and forensic toxicology
  • Forensic serology
  • DNA evidence & DNA profiling
  • Trace Evidence: Hair and fiber analysis
  • Blood and blood spatter analysis
  • Firearms & ballistics
  • Death and the body as evidence
  • Famous case studies representative of each unit


Students learn through a combination of:

  • Inquiry activities using laboratory investigation and crime scene re-creation with an emphasis on critical analysis and interpretation of data
  • Use of electronic tools for data collection and manipulation
  • Demonstrations of scientific principles (teacher- and student-led)
  • Student projects, research, and presentations
  • Cooperative learning groups
  • Lecture & discussion driven
  • Communication through scientific writing
  • Critical thinking exercises

Equipment to be provided by Student: Lab notebook, binder (kept in class), writing utensil, calculator. If there is a concern about the cost, please see the ASB bookkeeper or your counselor.

The Washington State Technology Standards addressed in this course include: