General Description: This yearlong course is the fourth and final course in the four-year NJROTC program.  It specifically designed for seniors and includes a leadership laboratory requiring participation in and leadership of the NJROTC program. Activities are as listed under Naval Science 1. Credit earned can be occupational or physical education.

Students enrolling in Naval Science 4 must be in grade 12.

Students who participate in NJROTC are exempt from the Washington State Physical Education Requirements by law.

Naval Science is an elective open to all LHS students in good academic standing who are able to participate in physical education. The course emphasizes leadership, fitness, orderly appearance, respectful conduct and individual responsibility, as well as classroom instruction in a variety of naval-oriented subjects. The objective of the Naval Science NJROTC program is to develop informed leaders with a strong sense of self-reliance; a personal knowledge of the responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society; and an appreciation of the Navy's role in national defense. Students who participate in NJROTC are exempt from the Washington State physical education requirement upon written request of parent or guardian. Additionally, elective or occupational education credit can be earned. Academically qualified students with high military aptitude may be nominated to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, and for university level NROTC for four-year scholarships. There are no military service obligations for enrolling in NJROTC, but there are automatic advancement benefits if a student decides to enlist in a branch of the United States military.

Prerequisite:  Naval Science 1, 2, 3.