vis art2Liberty’s art program is to be thought of as more than courses and activities confined to a workroom. Art can challenge the creative power of all students. It seeks to have all students be aware of the relationship of art to every important aspect of daily living. Art can help all students: to develop a keener awareness of aesthetic values; to develop manipulative and organizational skills in expressing ideas, feelings and moods; to explore personal interests and aptitudes; to acquire knowledge of man’s visual art heritage; to make sound visual judgments suited to their maturity level; to develop sensitive discrimination in the use of art at home, in school and in the community. These courses meet the Fine Arts requirement for WA state public colleges and universities.

ART105 - Art 1
ART110 - Ceramic Art 1
ART125 - Photography 1
ART205 - Art 2
ART210 - Ceramic Art 2
ART305 - Art 3/AP Drawing & AP 2D Art
ART310 - Ceramic Art 3
ART500 - Drama 1
ART501 - Drama 2 - Advanced Acting & Performance
ART560 - Theatre Production
ART602 - AP 3D Art and Design
HFL110 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 1
HFL111 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 2
INT240 - Graphic Design 1 (Computer Based)
INT362 - Technical Theater Performance & Production
MUS110 - Symphonic/Marching Band
MUS125 - Jazz Band
MUS127 - Chamber Strings
MUS130 - Wind Ensemble/Marching Band
MUS135 - Percussion Ensemble
MUS200 - String Orchestra "Patriot" Symphony
MUS250 - Orchestra Evergreen Philharmonic
MUS300 - Choir (Liberty Singers)
MUS305 - Concert Chorale (Patriot Choir)
MUS401 - Guitar 1
MUS402 - Guitar 2