pe2The Physical Education Department offers a well-rounded program to meet the needs and interests of all students in the areas of physical fitness development. After completing the PE 9 requirement, students may choose from Team Sports, Weight Training & Conditioning, or Dance Aerobics, and Yoga to complete the four-semester requirement. All courses require appropriate clothing for participation. Students are responsible for bringing locks and securing assigned baskets in the locker room. Athletic lockers are assigned to athletes each season and athletes must be out of all athletic lockers at the end of the season. Locks left on lockers and not on assigned baskets are subject to being cut off without notice. Liberty High School is not responsible for lost, stolen or items left un-attended.

****Students may make up EXCUSED ABSENCES, days missed due to INJURY (when accompanied by a note from a parent or doctor – prolonged injuries will require a doctor’s note), or a SCHOOL RELATED ABSENCE. Students must make arrangements to stay after school to do fitness-oriented make-ups.

NAV100 - Naval Science 1
NAV200 - Naval Science 2
NAV300 - Naval Science 3
NAV400 - Naval Science 4
PED100/PED101 - Physical Education 9
PED210/211 Lifetime and Community Sports (Unified PE)
PED227/PED228 - Dance Aerobics & Yoga
PED310/PED311 - Team Sports
PED425/PED430 - Weight Training & Conditioning