Learning Recommendations: Consider your learning goals.   Consider your learning opportunities and  challenges. Consider how well you work individually and in groups.  Review the description and strategies below.         

General Description:Students in this program will concentrate in the major areas of theatre technology, production, and performance.  Behind the scene stage experience and leadership skills will be gained through one major production during the school year.  Set design and construction, lighting and sound, make-up and costumes will be emphasized.  The many facets of theatre, including advertising, fundraising, theatre administration, and management, are taught. Through performance opportunities, students will gain skills in communication, public speaking, and acting techniques.  Careers will be explored through interaction with professional theatre companies, guest artists, field trips, and fieldwork. The course is designed to prepare students for actual work in performance, media and communication related careers, or for advanced training. It is mandatory that each student is in attendance once a at a Liberty High School Drama Production as part of this class, unless they are involved in the Liberty Drama Production.  This course may be repeated for credit.

  • Stagecraft.
  • Production Design
  • House Management
  • Stage management
  • Running Crew Jobs
  • Flying Crew Jobs
  • Poster and Program Design
  • Production Stage Management
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Budgeting


  • Building Sets
  • Designing Sets
  • Participating in House Management for Productions
  • Working on Running and Flying Crews
  • Creating Posters and Programs
  • Applying for Rights for Productions
  • Hanging and Operating Lighting and Sound for Productions
  • Creating Budgets  and Advertising for Productions
  • Creating Costume Plates for Productions
  • Passing Shop and Theater Safety Tests

Equipment to be provided by student: 

Appropriate Clothing for Class Work involving painting, sawdust, etc.

Note: This course counts as a fine art credit for graduation but may not meet the four-year college admissions requirement for Fine/Visual/Performing Arts.