General Description: Statistics introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students will observe patterns and departures from patterns, decide what and how to measure, produce models using probability and simulation and confirm models. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, will be used regularly for instruction and assessment.

Content: This course will reinforce the common core standards:
• Descriptive Statistics
 How to appropriately collect and analyze data to validate research questions
 Analyze and interpret graphical displays
 Summarize bivariate data including correlation, best-fit-line
• Application of Probability
 Understand the basic properties of and underlying patterns of probability
 Conditional and Independent Events
• Inferences and Conclusions from Data
 Find the variability and distributions of samples
 Hypothesis testing
 Comparing treatment groups

Strategies: Direct instruction,
Group based and individual based exploration,Technology labs, Independent learning

Equipment Required of Student: None

Meets Tech Proficiency: No